3 New Species of African Forest Robin

WFSC team discovers three new species of African forest robins in the genus Stiphrornis!

The paper describing these new species has been published online in Systematics and Biodiversity (http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/14772000.2016.1226978).  The three species are named Stiphrornis inexpectatus, the Ghana Forest Robin; Stiphrornis dahomeyensis, the Dahomey Forest Robin, and Stiphrornis rudderi, Rudder’s Forest Robin.  The latter, Rudder’s Forest Robin, is named in honor of James Earl Rudder, former president of Texas A&M University. The type specimens for dahomeyensis and rudderi (pictured below) are housed in the Collection of Birds at the BRTC. This discovery provides additional evidence that a substantial amount of cryptic diversity exists in Afrotropical forests, which are in need of further study.


Rudder's Forest Robin (Stiphrornis rudderi).

Rudder’s Forest Robin (Stiphrornis rudderi).


Dahomey Forest Robin (Stiphrornis dahomeyensis).

Dahomey Forest Robin (Stiphrornis dahomeyensis).

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