Public Programs

The Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections is primarily a research collection. However, we recognize the need for community involvement and currently offer the following opportunities to utilize our resources.

Texas Master Naturalist Program

The Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections is supported by our local chapter of Texas Master Naturalist who provide countless hours of volunteer time assisting in the collections. Volunteer tasks vary depending on the individuals’ interest and could include assisting in specimen preparation, curation, wildscape maintenance, or document filing. To learn more about this group, please visit their website.

Bring our specimens to your classroom

Now available: exciting educational resources for teachers! Each kit contains preserved biological specimens and activities to enhance your curricula. To reserve a kit please e-mail us at Requests for materials must be made at least one week in advance and are subject to availability. We are not able to ship kits, they must be picked up at our facility.

Texas Mammals

This kit contains skins, skulls, and photos of common Texas mammals including: peccary, striped skunk, raccoon, beaver, opossum, and bobcat. Additional materials included in the kit are several copies of Peterson’s 1st Guide to Mammals, Texas Tracking guide, and a Mammal Tracks-Life Size Tracking Guide. This is an excellent kit for use as an introduction to mammal life in Texas.


Brazos Valley Reptiles and Amphibians

12 native species of reptiles and amphibians are represented in this trunk, complete with dichotomous key and other activities.



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