Collection of Parasites

Pthirus gorillae, a parasitic louse found on gorillas.

This is a working research collection of over 15,000 specimens and has had over 100 publications from its holdings and has transferred of over 500 specimens (holotypes, paratypes and vouchers) to national/international collections including the United States National Parasite Collection in Beltsville, the British National History Museum in London, the Harold W. Manter Collection at Lincoln, Nebraska and the University of Mexico National Collection in Mexico City.

Summary of Holdings


This is a limited collection of about 600 specimens, including Acarina, copepods, fleas, lice and mites.


Platyhelminthes – monogeneans

Freshwater species are represented by about 700 specimens, largely Dactylogyrids.

Marine species are represented about 300 specimens, largely Diclodophorids.


Drs. Sarah Hamer and Jessica Light search for parasites on freshly caught mammal specimens.

Platyhelminthes – cestodes

Tetraphyllids and trypanorhyns are represented by some 300 specimens.

Caryophyillids are represented by 130 specimens.

Pseudophyllideans are represented primarily by some 350 specimens, mostly bothriocephalids including Triaenophoridae.

Proteocephalids are represented by about 550 specimens including a number of families.

Cyclophyllids are represented by about 1,300 specimens.

Cestodarians are represented by 7 specimens.

Platyhelminthes – trematodes

Aspidogastrea are represented by about 75 freshwater specimens

Digeneans are represented by about 5,100 specimens including Echinostomata (21 families), Opisthorchiata (34 families), Plagiorchiata


Some 950 specimens representing a limited number of families; primarily fish, reptile and bird parasites.


Approximately 5,300 specimens


Megalodiscus temperatus, a digenean trematode that is found in the colon of green frogs.

Recent Publications

Dronen, N. O., C. K. Blend, E. T. Mohammed, M. Bannai, B. L. & Simonds. 2021. A new species of Prosogonotrema (Sclerodistomidae: Prosogonotrematinae) from the flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus Linnaeus (Mugiliformes: Mugilidae), from the Arabian Gulf off Iraq. Missing Journal, etc.

Dronen, N. O., C. K. Blend, E. T. Mohammed, & M. Bannai.  2021. Reconsideration of the species assigned to Faustula Poche, 1926 (Digenea: Microphalloidea) with the proposal of five new genera in the Faustulidae Poche, 1926.  Zootaxa 5027 (2): 231–253.


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