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VertNet internship

Interesting internships for students interested in biodiversity informatics! VertNet-about-internship.


Biodiversity Informatics Training, apply now and spend a bit of next summer in Boulder! VertNet-about-BITW.

Texas Amphibians book now available from University of Texas Press

From the Texas Natural History Guide Series,  ‘Texas Amphibians is the only field guide focused exclusively on the state’s frogs, toads, and salamanders. It presents brief, general accounts of the two orders and fifteen families. Then it identifies each of the seventy-two species in detail, including size, description, voice (if applicable), similar species, distribution (with maps), natural history, reproduction, subspecies (if applicable), and comments and conservation information. Color photographs illustrate the species.’ Tipton et al., Texas Amphibians, University of Texas Press.

A new citizen scientist project helping us understand the distributions of amphibians and reptiles in Texas · Herps of Texas · Herps of Texas.