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Museums: The endangered dead : Nature News & Comment

Museums: The endangered dead : Nature News & Comment.

Getting the Bats in Order

Another bit from our WFSC undergraduate intern Lauren Wimbish, this time she’s in our collection of bats organizing their skins and skulls- This past June I spent many hours reorganizing the bat collection at the BRTC. Bats are mammals that belong to the Order Chiroptera, which is the second largest mammal group (only rodents belong to a more diverse Order). They are also the only mammals that are capable of sustaining true flight. The collection consists of many different species of bats from all over the world, but… Read More →

Intern Lauren Wimbish

Hi! My name is Lauren Wimbish and I am a Wildlife and Fisheries Science major at Texas A&M University. Part of my experience here at Texas A&M is having an internship. This past summer I worked as an intern at the Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections (BRTC). Although I have had multiple classes at the BRTC, such as Natural History of Vertebrates, Mammalogy and currently Ornithology, this past May was my first time working within the collections. For a good chunk of May and June, I spent a… Read More →

BRTC specimens used in seahorse study

Recent publication from colleagues in Brazil identifies 3 species of seahorses in Brazil. The BRTC contributed radiography of specimens to help with the morphological component of the study.

River barriers and cryptic biodiversity in an evolutionary museum

New publication from Curator’s Voelker and Light of the BRTC! River barriers and cryptic biodiversity in an evolutionary museum – Voelker – 2013 – Ecology and Evolution – Wiley Online Library.

Come work with us!

Museum Collections Assistant Job Announcement Job Description: The Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections is looking for a mature, responsible, and detail orientated undergraduate student, with a strong interest in ichthyology, to assist staff and faculty curators with a variety of curatorial tasks in the Collection of Fishes. Primary responsibilities: Include but not limited to: Preparing voucher specimens and associated tissues; electronically documenting and physically inventorying specimens; organizing tissue samples stored in ultra-cold freezers; assisting the curator of collections with special projects. Qualifications: WFSC 311 and WFSC 302 or equivalent,… Read More →

Fundraising Night

Come paint with us December 4th from 6:30 till 9:30 at Downtown Uncorked! We will be generating funds to support our biodiversity research, student training, and conservation.  Your registration includes 3 hours of instruction from the Purple Turtle Art Studio and all supplies. Downtown Uncorked serves wine, beer, appetizers and pizzas so plan to enjoy a snack and glass of wine while you paint. You will leave with your very own masterpiece on a gallery wrapped 16 x 20 inch canvas. Registration is $50 and is due at… Read More →

VertNet internship

Interesting internships for students interested in biodiversity informatics! VertNet-about-internship.


Biodiversity Informatics Training, apply now and spend a bit of next summer in Boulder! VertNet-about-BITW.

Texas Amphibians book now available from University of Texas Press

From the Texas Natural History Guide Series,  ‘Texas Amphibians is the only field guide focused exclusively on the state’s frogs, toads, and salamanders. It presents brief, general accounts of the two orders and fifteen families. Then it identifies each of the seventy-two species in detail, including size, description, voice (if applicable), similar species, distribution (with maps), natural history, reproduction, subspecies (if applicable), and comments and conservation information. Color photographs illustrate the species.’ Tipton et al., Texas Amphibians, University of Texas Press.